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Affirm Your Awesomeness

Affirm Your Awesomeness

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A favorite tool I love to use are affirmations. A positive affirmation is a statement you say, think or declare with one pointed attention, briefly stated in the present tense, using the phrase I AM -

A few ideas on ways to use them~
*Shuffle the deck, pick a card, read it to yourself and take in the power of these words.
*Choose a new card daily.
*Look in the mirror and say it to yourself.
*Hide cards around your home or classroom for others to find them.
*Partner with someone, each thoughtfully pick a card that they feel represents the other. Then read the card to one another.
*In a small group, all choose cards and play an echo game. I say my card - “I am amazing” and then the group repeats it back to “Missy, you are amazing.”
*Choose an affirmation card, then create a shape or pose with your body that matches the affirmation. I am strong- tree pose ~ I am calm - resting pose.

Whatever you put your attention on grows. “From a neuroscientific perspective and from a mystical magical mind over matter lens - YES you can shift your thoughts and feelings. A process takes place in the frontal lobe where dreams and imagination, optimism and hope reside. The longer and more often you focus on something, the subconscious and brain circuits listen and team up. The more aligned the circuits are the more real these begin to feel. Focus on warmth and your body will become warmer. Focus on peace and your body will become more relaxed. The belief that this is possible combined with tools and practices can have a long lasting impact. You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." So what are you waiting for? Ready, Set, I AM ..................

Missy Brown E-RYT 500, E-RCYT, YACEP is a dedicated seasoned yoga and wellness practitioner with over 40 years of personal practice and 25 years of joyful service and playful teaching. Her partnership with Kripalu spans multiple decades. Inspired by her many years working with children, Missy took her vast knowledge of the tools of yoga and meditation, adapted them for children, and developed a straightforward method for teaching them. This led her to create Deep Play for Kids, LLC (DPK). Through DPK, Missy both shares these methods with children of all ages and offers certifications for adults so that they can experience, learn to instruct, and offer the methods to the children in their lives-as teachers, therapists, parents, caregivers, etc. Missy also created a product line of yoga and meditation tools that have been used across all ages, from kids to the elderly, and in settings such as home, school, health care facility, workplace, and more. She continues to work with people of all ages on their journey to navigate life with ease.
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